An Instagram model with  23 thousand followers by the name Alma Rune is the famous sister of the 20-year-old Danish professional tennis player named Holger Rune.

Holger Rune siblings: Meet his sister Alma Rune

Alma Rune is the only sister of the Danish tennis player Holger Rune. Alma’s date of birth is not revealed and we are unable to tell the one who is older among the two siblings. Though they share the same parents.

Meet Holger Rune's model sister Alma and his loyal support network

Alma is well-known as an Instagram model with  23 thousand followers on her account. On her Instagram, she regularly shares about her life and happenings with fans. The French Open presence was a breakout moment for her.

Alma also lit social media with her presence with many of the users admiring her. “Haven’t seen a broadcast this obsessed with one single figure in the stands as this director has been with Rune’s sister this entire match,” one of the fans wrote during the match. After Rune’s match, Alma posted a congratulatory message for her brother.

Alma Rune | Evolve Model

Apart from doing her modeling, Alma also spends a lot of time traveling around the globe. Her Instagram account is filled with pictures of her trips to Monaco, Dubai, Paris, etc. She also enjoys being surrounded by nature.

Follow Alma on Instagram @alma.rune and she also has a YouTube handle with whom she joined on April 6, 2013, and she is yet to make any posts.