Australian professional tennis Nick Kyrgios has done well for himself since bursting on the scene as an unknown teenager.

Despite his impressive junior career, he only announced himself to the world after defeating the great Raphael Nadal at Wimbledon in 2014.

He has since won seven ATP Tour singles titles and is the reigning Washington Open champion. Kyrgios is also a man whose nationality has often divided opinions.

He was born to parents of different racial backgrounds and has often openly spoken about his roots. In a Q & A session with his fans in 2015, he disclosed: “I understand a bit of Greek and Malaysian. I can get by.”

In the past, Kyrgios has also been vocal about racism in tennis, having slammed the racist attitude in the sport.

“It’s supposed to be a nice white gentleman’s sport,” he said on the ABC series Reputation Rehab in 2020. So seeing someone coloured like myself go out there, be different and be successful, it’s not so easy to see at times.”

“It’s an old, traditional sport, there are microphones everywhere. I think if you had microphones everywhere on say AFL or NRL…some of the things (you would hear) would be pretty epic.”

For a man born in Australia to parents who emigrated from different countries, it’s understandable why he’s passionate about such issues.

Is Nick Kyrgios Greek?

No. Nick Kyrgios is not Greek, although he has Greek roots. His father, George, is from Greece, while his mother, Norlaila, is Malaysian.

What is Nick Kyrgios’ nationality?

Nick Kyrgios is Australian by nationality despite the origins of his parents. He was born in the city of Canberra, where he had his elementary education.

When he began taking an interest in sports, Kyrgios decided to represent the country of his birth and currently resides in Sydney.