Australian professional tennis player Nick Kyrgios has always emphasised the importance of family to his success in the sport.

The 27-year-old has in the past revealed his sadness at not having his parents at courtside due to their ill health. At the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, he also bitterly complained about how he missed his father and mother.

That said, though, he hasn’t always enjoyed a rosy relationship with his siblings, especially his brother Christos Kyrgios.

Christos penned an emotional letter to his baby brother on the eve of the 2022 Wimbledon final, where he disclosed that they used to be estranged until recently.

“For a big chunk of the last six or seven years, I lost my little brother. That kid I grew up with, who was so carefree and engaging, was almost gone,” Christos wrote.

“The world changed him. Tennis changed him. He became distracted; always worried about something. Even when you were with him, he wasn’t present in the moment.”

He, however, added that Nick began to become himself again when he met his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi, saying “she helped open his eyes again. She’s cut from that same cloth where family is the most important thing.”

How many siblings does Nick Kyrgios have?

Nick Kyrgios has two siblings named Halimah Kyrgios and Christos Kyrgios. Christos is the eldest, Halimah is the middle child, while Nick is the youngest among them.

Who are Nick Kyrgios’ siblings?

Christos Kyrgios is involved in the fitness industry as a director and trainer. He also has a background in Commerce & Law, having previously worked as an Investment Advisor and Legal Policy Advisor for Parliament.

He currently coaches the Angels and Alphas team and offers personal training to his numerous clients.

Meanwhile, Halimah Kyrgios is currently based in Hong Kong and works as a singer, dancer and artist. She has competed in various singing competitions at home and abroad, including The Voice.