Nick Kyrgios is a man of many things and, aside from his antics on the court, he is also a very dedicated family.

He may not yet be married and also without a child, but he loved his parents very much and doesn’t shy away from showing it in public.

The Australian tennis star was born to Giorgos Kyrgios (father) and Norlaila Kyrgios (mother), who raised him in the city of Canberra.

For the purpose of this article, though, we’ll zero in on his mother only. Norlaila has a very close relationship with her son and has been there since day one.

Who is Nick Kyrgios’ mother Norlaila Kyrgios?

Norlaila Kyrgios originally comes from Malaysia but moved to Australia while in her twenties. She worked as a computer engineer for many years before retiring.

She was originally born in Gombak, a district in Selangor, Malaysia, but inherited her surname from Giorgos Kyrgios after marrying him.

When Nick Kyrgios announced himself to the world with a four-set win against Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon in 2014, Norlaila said all Malaysians can take pride in her son’s success.

“Nick is very close to his Malaysian family, whom he has visited many times. He even played tennis at Cameron Highlands the last time we were in Malaysia,” she noted.

“The entire Kyrgios family is very close to my family. I want Malaysians to take pride in Nick’s achievements as Malaysian blood runs through his veins.”

Norlaila has not been well in recent months, with her son recently disclosing that he isn’t happy due to his mother’s sickness. Norlaila spent some time in the hospital in August needing a kidney transplant.

Is Norlaila Kyrgios a Princess?

Yes, Norlaila is a princess from Malaysia. She was born into the Selangor royal family, but dropped her title as a princess when she moved to Australia.