Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios is currently in his best form, having romped to the 2022 Washington Open title and also reached the final of the 2022 Wimbledon Championships.

His is a career that has brought him seven ATP Tour singles titles and is primed to achieve more if he continues on this same impressive trajectory.

Away from sports, though, Kyrgios is a man who is involved in many things. He guards his personal space, although he’s also fond of flaunting his girlfriend on social media.

He also has good taste in cars, houses and other flashy things. More than anything else, he believes in himself and is a big talker. In July when he defeated Filip Krajinovic in straight sets at Wimbledon, he took the opportunity to demand some respect from the media.

“Obviously the media’s disrespect… it was just a reminder to put you all back in your place from the performance today,” he said.

“I just feel like people just don’t give me the respect sometimes because of other things that I do. There was just nothing the media possibly could tell me I did wrong today.

“I just know that you can’t possibly ask me anything and stir anything up. And I love it because then you can’t write anything. What are you going to say? Nothing today. Dumbfounded all of you.”

It’s not unlike Kyrgios to call out people he feels are not on his side and he has done that many times in the past. It’s just how he is built.

Is Nick Kyrgios married?

No, Nick Kyrgios is not married. However, he is currently in a serious relationship with Australian model Costeen Hatzi, and they are even engaged.

Does Nick Kyrgios have children?

No, the tennis star does not have any children yet.

Nick Kyrgios’ house: Where does he live?

The tennis star lives in Australia and alternates between Canberra and Sydney. He recently purchased a lavish house in Sydney, where he lives with his girlfriend.