Nick Kyrgios is a role model to many, especially due to his background. The tennis star has roots in three countries – Australia, Greece and Malaysia.

Although he represents Australia as a sportsman, the background of his parents is also linked to his identity.

Some years ago, Kyrgios’ mother, revealed that she was hoping her son would represent Malaysia but is happy with what he has achieved so far as an Aussie.

“Family and friends always asked if Nick would play in Malaysia when he was 16 or so and I said no,” she said.

“But secretly I was hoping he would and I’m really happy, excited and proud now. I’ve invited all the royal side of my family to come over, I’m not sure if they will be there. All of my relatives are already waiting and cheering.”

A seven-time ATP Tour singles champion, Kyrgios is on a path to greatness.

Who are Nick Kyrgios’ parents?

Nick Kyrgios’ parents are Giorgos Kyrgios and Norlaila Kyrgios. His father is originally from Greece, while his mother is also from Malaysia.

What is Nick Kyrgios’ ethnicity?

Nick Kyrgios is of both Greek and Malay descent although he is an Australian national.

What is Nick Kyrgios’ race?

The tennis star is half Greek, half Malay and also Australian.