Nick Nick Kyrgios’ career is one that many can only dream of. At 27, he has already achieved a lot, having won multiple titles.

He has also made millions from tennis and, should he even retire today, he and his family will never have to worry about where the next meal will come from.

Behind all the antics and controversies, though, is a man who doesn’t joke with his loved ones. When he has a game, Kyrgios makes sure his loved ones are always present.

Usually, it’s either his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi or parents are in the crowd to cheer him on. Such is the bond he shares with them that, in August, the Australian admitted he wasn’t feeling right because he had missed his parents.

“I haven’t seen my mum and dad in about three months. I’m missing them but at the same time I know I’ve only got a couple more tournaments before I go home,” he said.

Who is Nick Kyrgios’ father Giorgos Kyrgios?

Nick Kyrgios’ father is Giorgos Kyrgios. Giorgos has Greek roots, however, he has been living in Australia for many years.

Giorgos met his wife Norlaila, Nick’s mother, in Australia and late married her. The senior Kyrgios also worked as a self-employed house painter in his younger years in Australia.

Like Nick, Giorgos is often vocal when it comes to discussing his son. Earlier in the year, he leapt to the defense of his son following his tense third-round Wimbledon clash against Stefanos Tsitsipas, where the latter hit the ball into the crowd in frustration.

“It was about settling in for him, the nerves, playing against a tough opponent, which Stefanos is. He was frustrated, he should have broken him a couple of times,” Giorgos lamented.

“My son would have been defaulted. You’ve got to draw the line for everybody. I hate to see it for anyone. I feel sorry for all of them – the pressure is so much.”

Giorgos is certainly the type of father who is ready to support his son through thick and thin, as shown by his actions.