Bronwen Norrie is the celebrity sister of Cameron Norrie, who is a British professional tennis player.

Who is Bronwen Norrie? Meet Cameron Norrie’s sister.

Bronwen Norrie is the sister of Cameron Norrie. She is believed to be an actress and star in her own right who was born and raised in the UK. Her real age is not known, but she could be in her 20s.

Cameron Norrie Sister Bronwen and Intrepid Family Life
Bronwen Norrie (Photo Credit: Sports Lulu)

Bronwen has recently graduated from a four years program at Utrecht University and The University of Auckland with bachelor’s degrees in law, psychology, and liberal arts. She then proceeded to Macleans College to get her legal master’s degree.

Bronwen joins the Equal Justice Project from February 2014 to November 2016. Then, at that point, she pitches in with InZone from May 2017 until December 2017. And from February 2016 to June 2016, she joins the Youth Law Center.

Bronwen Norrie: Cameron Norrie's His Fervent Supporter & Sister
Bronwen Norrie (Photo Credit: Media Entrepreneurs Distinguished in Anime)

Bronwen might be seen posting photographs and recordings on Instagram under the username @lebronnorrie. She currently has 224 posts, and her profile has collected a sum of 916 devotees. Apart from this, she keeps a confidential record.

Bronwen is the daughter of David and Helen Norrie and was raised alongside her brother Cameron. David is from England, and Helen hails from the United Kingdom of Wales.